Monday, May 25, 2015

You are Part of the Fourteen Year Path

PreK Class at Central Elementary
Class of 2028

The prek students who come to school in my building each day are just beginning their school experience. They, along with their families, are headed for thirteen more years of education before graduating high school in 2028. I look at each one of their little faces and have so much hope for their future. I want each and every one of them to achieve and earn a high school diploma. Out of the 80 prek students at school, how many will graduate in 2028? I would like to say 100%! It all starts in prek for our students, and we
Central Elementary Class of 2028
must look ahead to their senior year and beyond. We must see a future for them that is so bright...(yes, it's coming...) they have to wear SHADES! If every teacher a child has believes their students WILL succeed, WILL graduate, and WILL contribute to our communitiy and society, we have a chance for all 80 prek kids to graduate in 2028. It starts in prek, but it continues throughout a child's education. One incompetent, uncaring, or unconformable teacher could break the path of graduation for a child. It starts in prek, but it takes all of us to contribute and invest in our children so we can achieve the 100% success of graduating all of our students. 

My son, Tyler and his teacher, Mrs. Snipes
Never doubt the power you possess as a teacher. You are part of their fourteen years of education. You have the ability to keep them on the path to graduation and success beyond school. You have the power to become a positive role model, supplying memorable experiences while looking forward to them returning as adults to let you know how important you are to them. My son recently gave a life impact award to one of his teachers. He entered her room in a cap and gown, surprising her in front of her students in second period. He went on to read her an essay he had written on how she had impacted his life. He didn't mention academics, although she taught him well. He defined her as someone who was strong in her faith, a wonderful caregiver for her children and grandchildren, and one of the strongest people he knows. What a difference she has made in his life. I am forever thankful to her for the impression she made on my son. She, along with the other teachers in his fourteen year path to graduation, contributed to his success as a high school graduate and upcoming college freshman. 

So, whether you teach prek or high school math, YOU matter. YOU are a difference maker. YOU are part of their path. What an incredible blessing and honor it is to play such an important part. I pray we always remember our role, and remain relentless on making a difference. 


Cabot High School, Class of 2015


  1. Awesome! Also why I'd love to see Kindy teachers giving the diplomas out - you never know who made secret impacts on learning journeys!