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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Transparency via Twitter

There are times where I reflect on the fact that families send their little ones to us five days a week, trusting us to care for them, keep them safe, and teach them. We have their children for more hours than their own families have them. Think about it...they trust us with their greatest treasures. They allow us to influence them each day, and their kids often take on our personalities. We see so much of what their children do and how they learn. I consider all of this and am reminded of the important role we play in the lives of children. We impact them in countless ways. If families and our community could only see how rewarding it is to do what we do...if they could only see the incredible things that happen on a daily basis...

GUESS WHAT? We can celebrate our kids and their accomplishments throughout school days, and share it with the WORLD! The tools are at our fingertips, but it is up to us to use them for this cause. Kids and staff deserve to be celebrated. Social media is a way to allow families and the community to see inside a school. They can celebrate accomplishments along with us. Let's tear down the walls of our school (virtually, of course) and empower our ability to share the great happenings we witness each and every school day! Are you ready? Here we go...

TWITTER as a Tool for Branding Our School

*What if every staff member committed to having a Twitter account, and every staff member committed to tweet at least two celebrations per week about our school? 
*What if our school account retweeted each staff celebration so anyone following @CentralCabotpK4, creating a continuous feed of celebrations coming from all over our school? 
*What if more families caught on to staff celebrations and began to create their own Twitter accounts in order to celebrate with us? 
*What if community members and local businesses began to follow our school so they can share in our happenings and even contribute to our efforts? 
*What if... 

The possibilities are endless with the power of Twitter. Not only can we celebrate kids, ourselves, and school in general, we can have transparent walls where everyone can see inside. The things we experience daily as educators are too wonderful to keep hidden. Let's share our successes and make the world smile along with us. 

I challenge you this week to use Twitter to celebrate. Tweet at least one wonderful happening and mention our school's Twitter handle in the tweet. If you do not have a Twitter account, that is the first step! Ask for help and get connected. If you do have an account, use it! Let's brand our school for being a place that is ALL about the success and happiness of our kids. 

Happy Tweeting! 
Bethany (Coach)
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