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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Be the Spark and Let 'Em Hear You Roar!

And now, for your kick off to the week entertainment, I present to you...
The Super Bowl version of this week's blog post! 

Katy Perry's halftime performance of Super Bowl XLIX certainly made a statement. She was bold, coming in like a lion, (and ON one), and out like a lamb (a flying one). Many of her song lyrics have powerful statements, but her opening song, 'Roar', and her closing song, 'Firework' are by far the words that speak to me the most. They have deep meaning, and perhaps this is why she began and ended with them. 

Each day we enter our classrooms, we have an opportunity to make an impact. We decide whether the experience for kids will be positive or negative. Our dispositions as educators define the climate of the classrooms. The pressures, the mandates, the politics, and standardized testing are issues that tend to hold us down at times. We are continually challenged with the fact that many decisions are made for our children and schools by people who are not educators. We can be angry about it and act defeated, or we can stay grounded and allow others to hear us roar! We are the champions of our classrooms and schools. We have so much power to make a difference, in spite of the stressful nature of the mandates upon us. 

This week and each week after, enter your classroom like a champion. Teach like a champion. Celebrate like a champion. Be a champion for each of your students. Teach each child how to find their voice...teach them how to ROAR. They are going to get knocked down and feel defeated, but you can be the one who inspires them to get back up. Every child deserves a champion, and every child deserves to be one. 
"Roar" Music and Lyrics

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are awesome! Last week when our superintendent had a district Gratitude Day, I noticed the impact it had on people. I received some amazing email and text messages, and also sent a few to express my gratitude. People are born to be noticed. We get busy and settled in our routines, so sometimes we forget to honor people simply for being who they are! Each day kids come to school to valued and accepted. They come into your classrooms as a member of your class family. One little spark can ignite a glow and create a burst of confidence within our students. What can we do to make sure each child receives a spark? What can we do to make sure our colleagues receive a spark? 

I challenge you this week to be overly observant and seek out others who may need a spark from you. Maybe you will cross paths with someone who has lost their voice and needs to remember that they can roar. Maybe you will be able to share your spark with someone so they can have a burst of light once again. 

Be someone's spark this week, and don't forget to ROAR! 
Firework Song and Lyrics


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Important Dates:
February 1: Happy Birthday to Sharon Boyd!
February 6: Class Pictures
February 12: Embedded Session (DATE CHANGE)
February 16: Happy Birthday to  Tammie Gardner!
February 19: Father/Daughter Dance 6:00-8:00 (tix online)
February 25: Happy Birthday to Mrs. Rose!
February 26: Happy Birthday to  Samantha Carter & Shekanah Palmer!

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