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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Season of Gratitude

As we come to the end of November, I am finding myself reflecting daily on my blessings, and being thankful for so many things, big and small. It is amazing what an attitude of gratitude does for the heart and soul! At the top of my gratitude list comes all that makes Central, families, and staff. Each has a special role and makes our school an amazing place to learn. 

Gratitude brings joy, whether it is expressed to someone, or received by another. As mentors for children, it is our obligation to model an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis. Children need to see and feel what gratitude really means. It is more than just a "thank you" is a way to make a positive impact on others, and even more importantly, on ourselves. We must start with our own hearts and reflect on blessings, then share with others. Lead by example this your attitude of gratitude with your students, colleagues, and families! You have incredible power in your role. YOU make a DIFFERENCE. 
Your Lead Learner,
(Coach) Bethany

Articles Worth Reading:

Videos Worth Watching:

Important Dates:
December 2: Fundraiser ends
December 2-5: Christmas Book Fair
December 2: Book Fair Open, Cookies with Santa! 5:15-6:45
December 4: Third Grade Musical, 6:30, book fair open before and after
December 5: Staff Christmas Party (staff only)
December 11: Embedded Session
December 12: Coat Drive Ends
December 15: Fire Drill @ 1:30
December 16: Awards Celebrations (more info coming soon)
December 16: CE volunteers for Christmas Alliance at the Armory
December 17: 6:00: Bring something HOT to your leaders on the roof! :)
December 18: Early Dismissal @ 2:00
December 19: End of Second 9 Weeks, Early Dismissal @ 2:00

1 comment:

  1. Bethany,

    Way to Go! You did it.

    Stepping out of ones comfort zone is often times the toughest thing to do. I'm proud of you for taking a risk and stepping out of your comfort zone.

    Your message is short and sweet and I like it. The poster at the bottom is powerful...Did you love enough? Did you laugh enough? I should post this in our entryway for all to see and reflect on.

    Thanks for sharing!